“I just played”

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My routine with my daughter is always to read her a couple books every night before she goes to bed. After story time, we talk. I ask questions… a lot of questions. Sometimes she engages, other times she doesn’t. Sometimes I get long-winded answers that seem to go on forever and other times I get short, one-word answers. I don’t care if they’re long or short, it’s more about the time I get to spend with her by ourselves.

I look forward to that time each and every day.

A few weeks back, I asked her how her school day was. She responded with “good.” “What did you do today,” I asked? “I just played,” she said.

“I just played.” It totally warmed my heart hearing that come out of her mouth. Hearing her little voice say “I just played” is repeated through my head several times every day. It does make me happy.

It makes me happy because she’s learning. She’s learning how to: express herself, be creative, organize, fix things, and be imaginative.

When was the last time you were able to say “I just played”?

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