Childhood Obesity: A growing epidemic

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About 10+ years ago, I was nearing 300 lbs, eating horribly and getting absolutely no exercise. I think it was when my nephew, who was four at the time, told me I looked like the bad guy from Toy Story that I realized I needed to do something. But what it was, I had no idea.

I began the South Beach diet (low-carb) and walking. I think I lost about 80 lbs. after a year of virtually no carbs and walking.

For the most part, I’ve kept it off, but it was four years ago that I decided to really focus on my health and wellness. Becoming a dad was the real motivation. Wanting to set a healthy example for my child was important to me. So, I began running. Which then lead into eating healthy foods and avoiding processed foods. This has become my way of life. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. It’s amazing what some healthy, natural foods and some exercise does to you. Yeah, sure, occasionally, I slip… but I’m okay with slipping every now and again.

I’m also fortunate that I am able to take this health and wellness into my workplace at the Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA). In fact, representing the MOA, I get to work on some great health and wellness projects, like Pure Michigan FIT.

The Pure Michigan FIT program focuses on nutrition and fitness, initially for young children 0-5. Basically, if we begin teaching our young children the building blocks of health with good eating habits and exercise, they will be empowered to lead healthier lives. I am proud to be a part of this initiative and encourage all of you to learn more by visiting:

Shameless plug? Maybe. Worthwhile? Absolutely.

Together, we will be able to create a healthier Michigan by educating our children. I challenge each of you to make the move.

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