Gymnasium Zamboni

Posted on by Elisabeth Tobia

Last spring, at EC3’s annual fundraising auction, we did a “reverse auction” to raise additional funds for improvements that might not be feasible using tuition funds. (Being a responsible nonprofit organization, we try hard to take in only what we need to operate the joint on an ongoing basis!) The auctioneer pointed out several obvious needs that could be remedied by some extra funds, and the easiest to focus on was the gym floor–worn down to bare wood from years of large-motor-skill enhancement. We raised $5,000 during that reverse auction, and even though we weren’t thinking of it before that night, it was pretty clear how we needed to spend it.


We had to wait until summer camp was finished before scheduling the work (to maximize the need for a new floor!), and we wanted to do it while it was still warm enough outside to have the gym door open during the day. We also wanted to squeeze it in before the end of the fiscal year (September 30). As it happens, one of the vendors who quoted the job was able to get it scheduled, and we were on our way.

They taped everything off this morning, fixed a few broken boards, and started sanding. Check it out.


It’s like a Zamboni for hardwood floors! I wish the kids could watch; it would surely delight.

In just a few short days from now, our auction dream will come true. Wow.

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