Go Green, Save Green, Indeed!

Posted on by EC3 Staff


Turn off the lights, recycle your plastic, cut the rings on your pop can holders, eat meatless one day a week, bike to work or school, share rides, compost, plant a tree. All these things certainly do add up to good environmental change! Thanks to two great local programs, we have just completed something pretty exciting at EC3 to demonstrate our commitment to reducing energy and helping the environment.

First, because of the Lansing Board of Water and Light, EC3 is able to practice responsible, electricity-saving stewardship while also saving money on energy bills. The BWL Hometown Energy Savers program helped EC3 retrofit all of our light fixtures for energy-efficient bulbs –and to receive rebates for doing so. These rebates significantly offset the project’s cost.

Second, the Michigan Saves Business Energy Financing Program helps small businesses save energy and money when making energy-improvement upgrades by providing low-cost financing to do so. This allows EC3 to spread out the remaining cost–much of which will be offset by savings in energy usage. We’re doing our part to be good stewards of the resources that our little people will inherit someday.

Now we are able to reduce our energy consumption and save up to $200 each month on utility bills. This translates into an effective and efficient use of your tuition and donation dollars. Further, we’re doing our little part in helping reduce electricity use to protect the environment. Turns out smart business decisions can be good environmental choices, too.

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