New Year, New Look

Posted on by Elisabeth Tobia

It’s taken a few months, but we’re finally getting the new EC3 website off the ground. Most organizations update their web presence from time to time, and EC3 hadn’t made any big revisions since 2007 or so (that’s forever in tech-time). It’s good to move the information around, add a few new testimonials, and generally improve the “clickability” so users can find what they’re looking for.

The biggest change on EC3’s website isn’t visible to common users at all; it’s a fancy “back-end” tool (known as a content management system–or CMS–in the web world). This CMS makes it simple for, say, an EC3 executive director to make updates to existing pages and add new ones without knowing a lot of computer code. Why, she might even be able to write a blog…

EC3’s website has more flexibility now to serve as an information resource for families and teachers, as well as a communication tool for all of our stakeholders–past and present. What are some things YOU would like to see?

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