2012 EC3 Auction: Big Prizes, Bigger Goal

Posted on by Elisabeth Tobia

In less than one week, EC3 will hold it’s annual fundraising auction. I’m not even sure how many of these we’ve done, but it must be approaching twenty. What started as a simple event to bid out cute little art projects that the children made has grown into a full evening with dinner, child care for the young ones, a silent auction, and a “lively” live auction. Each classroom produces a special treasure that parents bid up, and there are big-ticket items to be had as well–vacation getaways, gift certificates to local venues, and personal services as well.

This year, there are two weekend-getaway packages (one on Lake Michigan, one at Garland Resort), two charter plane trips (one to Mackinac Island, one for a special sightseeing flight), several themed birthday party packages for children, date nights, fitness packages, spa services, photography sessions, gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and much more. Free pizza, salad, and breadsticks will be served, followed by a bake sale for dessert. The evening will end with the drawing for our cash raffle–three lucky individuals will take home $100, $250, or $500 each (tickets still available)! There is literally something for everyone at EC3’s auction.

If you are affiliated with EC3 in any way–current family, former family, Westside neighbor, or early childhood advocate–please come to the auction. Our goal is to raise at least $20,000, which has been budgeted for investment into our program and learning environment. Of course we would like to raise much more, in order to take on some larger improvements for both the property and the program.

If you can’t attend the auction personally, please consider making a contribution online at EC3’s website–you’ll see the “Help Support EC3” button below the testimonials on the right side. Please share this link with grandparents and loved ones who live far away so they can help us meet our financial goal, which will ultimately help us meet greater early childhood education goals throughout mid-Michigan. EC3 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so contributions are tax deductible.

See you next week!

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