Monday with Pearl

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Anyone who has lurked around EC3’s office has met Pearl. She belongs to our fearless leader Lis. The kids all know her and watch carefully to see when she’s changed her outfit or seems to be doing something new. Pearl is, in essence, a kid-sized invitation for the tots to walk into the office and have a chat.

The adults all think she’s a wee bit creepy. (Well, I do. Don’t know about the rest of you.) But she IS a pretty good indication of Lis’s light heart and humor. And she makes for some laughs in the office.

Recently, Spencer was interested in Pearl. So Lis, with a mischievous gleam in her eye, says, “you can take her home for a sleepover if you want.” Thanks Lis. Thanks.

And so:

Spencer was very responsible and buckled Pearl into the car.

We fed Pearl dinner.

We took Pearl on a canoe ride.

Pearl picked berries.

Pearl gardened with big brother Robbie.

She also watched some Olympic swim trials with us, and played with some Legos. Spencer toted her almost everywhere—Pearl had a busy evening. If you can’t beat ’em, join em. I guess. So thank you, Lis, for the very special offer and trusting us with Pearl. She definitely added some memories to our Monday night.
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