Creating Place. Creating Community. Creating Opportunity.

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Last night at our monthly EC3 Board of Directors meeting, Eric Schertzing (Chairman of the Ingham County Land Bank and Ingham County Treasurer) came to chat about what wonderful things the Ingham County Land Bank does. So, what does the Land Bank do?

Well, it’s a county-wide entity that promotes economic development in the Greater Lansing area through land restoration. The Land Bank purchases properties that are a little beaten-up and tattered, and makes them usable again, commercially or residentially. They buy, renovate, and then resell properties to encourage building and home ownership. This benefits our community by taking abandoned, failing land or properties and making them productive more quickly, protecting neighborhoods or susceptible areas from deterioration.

Creating Place. Creating Community. Creating Opportunity.

What a great mission!

You see, Eric’s message hit home with our Board because EC3 has been so pleased to watch the renovation and repurpose of some true gems here in our neighborhood. We appreciate their mission and the benefits they provide to the community. Plus, EC3 has been increasing our neighborhood outreach and working hard to upgrade our exterior and grounds. We’re quite devoted to our ‘hood, and we’ve got a tender spot in our hearts for groups such as the Land Bank who are helping to nurture the area as well.

Interested in learning more about the Ingham County Land Bank? You’re in luck!

The Capital Gains Speaker Series for this month is all about the Land Bank, neighborhood community development, and “Placemaking!” It’s October 25th at 6:00 p.m. at an actual Land Bank home (1230 W. Allegan, in Lansing’s Westside neighborhood). Panelists for the Speaker Series include:

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