Community-Building Saturday at EC3

Posted on by Elisabeth Tobia

Here’s a list of OUTDOOR tasks for this Saturday’s (May 17th) volunteer efforts at EC3, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.:

  • Dig a new trench from the parking lot space-that-always-floods to the playground fence. (Please bring shovels.)
  • Rake and bag leaves from the fence surrounding the entire playground. (Leaf bags will be provided.)
  • Weed and mulch the flower beds near the entrance, at the northwest corner of the property, and beneath the wooden sign on the front (Malcolm X Street) lawn. (We need mulch! There’s a big, FREE pile at Washington Park, can you load up a truck and bring it to EC3?)
  • Cut down the ash tree re-growth (looks like a bush) at the east end of the parking lot, just outside the playground.
  • Weed the garden boxes. (We’ve got loppers.)
  • Mulch all the trees, including those on the playground. (We need mulch! See above.)
  • Trim the bushes on the east side of the property, beneath the Gecko room windows. (Please bring clippers.)
  • Sweep sand from the track back into the sandpit on the preschool playground. (We’ve got push-brooms.)
  • Weed the cracks in the parking lots and sidewalks leading to the building, and treat them with Round-Up to prevent new growth. (Please bring Round-Up or other weed killer.)

Here’s a list of INDOOR tasks for this Saturday’s (May 17th) volunteer efforts at EC3, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.:

  • Move furniture/appliances away from walls in the main kitchen and the Penguin room, including the wall in Big Room that adjoins the Penguin room.
  • Wipe down walls/registers to be painted so they are free of dust, dirt, and peeling paint. (No need to sand.)
  • Cover floors and fixtures with tarp to protect it from paint.
  • Apply primer/paint to walls and registers, and to upper sash of Big Room windows. (Paint and rollers will be provided; please bring your favorite paintbrush.)
  • Re-coat as needed.
  • Touch-up paint on Big Room pillars as needed.
  • Clean up all tools and wipe/scrub any paint that gets on surfaces that shouldn’t be painted.

Thank you for helping EC3 to be the best early learning center in mid-Michigan!

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